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Flexmls information, videos, and tools specifically for Appraisers.

Create three different types Comparable Market Analysis (CMAs) in Flexmls. Become an expert with creating a Quick, Full, and Statistical CMA.

Custom Reports & Flyers
Flexmls Custom Reports and Custom Flyers allow you to configure listing reports and flyer templates in a variety of ways.

Flexmls Dashboard
The Flexmls Web Dashboard is the first page you see when you access the system. Using the Menu and your Flexmls dashboards, you can access every function of Flexmls Web.

Flexmls Tools
Flexmls informational webinars, web links, and useful documents to help you learn the Flexmls system.

Hot Sheets
Use Flexmls to create a 24 Hour Hot Sheet or a more specified Custom Hot Sheet to find events and listing information within a given timeframe.

Listing Input
Receive step-by-step instruction on how to input listing information in Flexmls. Learn the basic setup structure of the listing forms.

Searching and Maps
Become an expert with creating a search in Flexmls, and using the system's easy and efficient map functions.

Track your personal statistics and run reports to review summary or detailed statistics for your MLS.

Subscriptions and Portals
Learn how to assign searches to clients by setting-up a subscription, and then inviting them to create a Portal account.